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Bar Populaire brings together leading figures in Berlin’s cultural context and their respective audiences, which do not frequently have the opportunity, time or occasion to meet and talk. For each part of this irregular series, Salon Populaire invites two guests to bring a topic they would like to talk about and to ask further friends and colleagues to join them for a drink at the Salon’s bar. The salon’s events draw on different audiences and address different interests; Bar Populaire invites these different audiences to meet in the Salon’s own community.

#1 – Michael Dreyer / Clemens Krümmel and Nicolaus Grunert / Anh-Linh Ngo (ARCH+) 16.03.2011

Michael Dreyer: Triple Negation – Double Props, I. WE NOW INTERRUPT FOR A COMMERCIAL.

Improvisation with triple spontaneous pause. With: Otto Kränzler (synthesizer), Hinrich Beermann (Saxophone), Alice Creischer (voice), Karl Hoffmann (Slide Guitar)
This live electronic performance by Michael Dreyer is part of his current exhibition at Aanant & Zoo in Kunstsaele Berin curated by Clemens Krümmel. Alternating between collective sound and collective pauses, the structure is based on the agreement of three short-termed pauses, which are understood as equivalents to “commercial breaks”.

Anh-Linh Ngo is editor of ARCH+, the journal for architecture and urbanism. The new issue on Berlin discusses the Stimmann period from a historical perspective and looks into the current conditions of space production in Berlin. What kinds of alternatives do architects and planners, as well as other agents, have beyond the profit-driven real estate mechanism? Ngo brings the current issue and introduces its structure and topics for discussion with the visitors.