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The series is concerned with painting as a discursive practice. Off the Painting questions and discusses how and to what extent painted images have an argument beyond their surface. The invited guests are theoretically and practically involved with painting, visual culture and related fields. The talks are both a reflection on the current position of the painting within the art system as well as the working out of specific qualities of painted pictures in their extended context of media discourses. The focus is on artistic positions that combine painting with a conceptual approach. The interest of this event series, therefore, is analyzing painting as an apparatus/dispositive. This raises the question of what current relevance painting may have for cultural and political image production.

#2 – Painting 1 Analysis and Convergences 14.03.2012 at 8 pm

With Paolo Chiasera. A series compiled by Tanja Schomaker.

The work is the permanent luminous form of itself. But what happens to the world that produced it? Can we talk of the living world (Lebenswelt) of which the pictorial work is an outcome? The experience of the artist as the trace of thought makes the work a sign of his or her action. Whether or not he is aware of this legacy, the artist becomes dispersed in the painting and in its phenomenological cognitive experience, which – as possibly in no other discipline – becomes a fundamental experience.

#1 – Gunter Reski 02.11.2011

The Happy Fainting of Painting

The Starting point of this lecture is a planned reader about recent contemporary painting (in collaboration with Hans-Jürgen Hafner).

The main reason for such a publication is simply the lack of definitive concerning the latest developments in painting. The lecture will present possible issues of this coming publication: The different deaths of painting; Helpful renegades in modernism; Postmodernism as style-managing synergy effect?; Right now, Remodernism or submodernism?; De- and Reskilling: error versus skill; The guild´s trap or it doesn´t matter anyway in the expanded field of painting; and whether there is nothing left besides various ways of academism in contemporary art now.