Film City Berlin Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession (1981)

Cooperations as guest / as host A museum of cruelty

Can you Pass the Salt, Please? Liability

Exhibiting (Self) Exhibiting. The Ethos of the Curator

Labor and Transcendence Redefining Power

Performing Books The World According to Gert Jan Kocken

Off the Painting Painting 1 Analysis and Convergences

Program How closely do you identify with the character you play in facebook?

Program “Whose English?” – frieze d/e Issue 4: Launch and Roundtable

Pecha Cucha Labor ∞ Transcendence

Exhibiting Museum and Exhibition

Performing Books The Capitalist doesn’t Want to Know Anything about Things to do with Love

Cooperations as guest / as host Forum Expanded 2012: Critique and Clinic

Program Invent/Invest

Program Your Obedient Servant

Program Manifesto

Exhibiting Striking Constellations, or The Art of not Mediating (Art)

Performing Books Shifting the Index: Discussion on the Themes of the Publication “Kunst einer anderen Stadt”

Program To Have and To Need at the NGBK

Performing Books Anthem for the People’s Tomorrow

Performing Books Lost Once More. Writing in the Place of Painting?

Performing Books New Releases by argobooks

Performing Books Solutions 196-213: United States of Palestine-Israel

Performing Books Gabriel Kuri: Join the Dots and Make a Point

Performing Books Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Performing Books The Trujillo-Syndrom

Performing Books Given: 1. The Book, 2. A Stage

Can you Pass the Salt, Please? Miracle

Can you Pass the Salt, Please? Notion of the gift

Can you Pass the Salt, Please? Madness

Can you Pass the Salt, Please? Friendship

Program Luis Camnitzer: The Assignment Book

Program Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt. Goldrausch as a system.

Program Michael Müller: Weltempfänger Ich-Oper

Program Paul Plamper: TACET (RUHE 2)

Program The Anxious Prop, Case 3: The Black Swan Issue

Program Katya Sander: Die kleine Berlin Statistik.

Program Phanos Kyriacou: Everyone should walk.

Program Renzo Martens: Enjoy Poverty.

Off the Painting Gunter Reski

Labor and Transcendence Frankenstein, Mensch Maschine

Labor and Transcendence Heidegger on Disposition and Mood: the Case of Geometry

Labor and Transcendence The Story of the Wolf Tone

Labor and Transcendence If You Were There – Lindsay Anderson’s 1985 Film of Wham! In China

Labor and Transcendence From the Department of Bad Moods 3: Teenage coffin Songs

Love and Space Carry On

Love and Space Once Again: With all our Love for the Love of Orlando

Love and Space Money in Friends

Love and Space Athens Night

Love and Space Stadtplätze, Stadtleben? oder Vermeiden von Menschendingsbums (2 Vorträge)

Love and Space Seams and Notches

Love and Space Love and Space

Love and Space Use and abuse of Science Fiction: An Introduction

Love and Space Praise of Laziness

Love and Space The German Issue – An evening dedicated to the Berlin Wall

Program Responsibilities of Institutions and Individuals

Program Art and City planning

Program Writing Collectively an Open Letter

Program On the “Leistungsschau” project

Film City Berlin R.W. Fassbinder’s “The Third Generation” (1979)

Film City Berlin Pochmann

Film City Berlin Burning Concrete

Film City Berlin Escape Forward

Film City Berlin Behind the Codes

Eros & Massacre Omen in the Mirror

Eros & Massacre Eros and Massacre

Eros & Massacre Akitsu Springs

Cooperations as guest / as host The Living Archive

Exhibiting Introduction

Cooperations as guest / as host If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t

Cooperations as guest / as host The Bucolic Genre today: Between a Subtrend of Organic Lifestyle and Provincial Art. (C as host)

Cooperations as guest / as host Salon Populaire and THE OFFICE in Venice

Bethanien Residents Assaf Gruber

Bethanien Residents Alicia Frankovich

Bar Populaire Michael Dreyer / Clemens Krümmel and Nicolaus Grunert / Anh-Linh Ngo (ARCH+)

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Salon Populaire took up its activities in May 2010. Since then it hosts regular and irregular events with friends and colleagues from the art world…