The Intellectual Work

A talk with Pavel Büchler, Barbara Casavecchia, Jason Dodge, Tim Rollins

The starting point for this discussion is the exhibition currently on show at Tanya Leighton, and specifically its title: The Intellectual Work.

The evening is organized on the occasion of artist and master of Italian design Enzo Mari’s installation at the gallery. The exhibition presents a selection of paperweights Mari’s been collecting and assembling for decades, which Mari describes as an allegory on the essence of his practice, as much as of the practice of whoever undertakes ‚intellectual work‘. The evening brings together three international artists and one curator who share a common interest in Mari and his production, as much as in his attitude.

What does it mean to perform an ‚intellectual work‘? Is it useful to follow an ‚ethical handrail‘, as Mari claims, whenever inserting anything in the cycle of production and consumption? What is education? These are some of the questions intended for debate.

The event will be held in English.

Providing for the talk, Tanya Leighton Gallery will be open on Sunday 2 October, 2-4 pm


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