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Ein Gastmahl. Dinner, drinks and discussions on … Taking up on the ancient Greek tradition of coming together to eat and drink while discussing philosophical questions, we would like to introduce a series of joint dinner-conversations at the Salon. Starting from both philosophical texts and personal experiences, stories and thoughts, we invite a number of […]


A series of evenings brought to you by Ana Teixeira Pinto; followed by drinks and music. The attention span of an average adult is 20 minutes, and we do not intend to cross your threshold. Inspired by Pecha-Cucha evenings, each speaker will present his or her topic of choice in only 15 minutes.


The series Performing Books explores possible models to present, introduce and/or talk about books. The evenings attempt circumventing the recount or mere doubling of the respective book’s content and intentions. The book here is used as an object or starting point from which to traverse individual experiences to engage in a discussion with the audience.


The series is concerned with painting as a discursive practice. Off the Painting questions and discusses how and to what extent painted images have an argument beyond their surface. The invited guests are theoretically and practically involved with painting, visual culture and related fields. The talks are both a reflection on the current position of […]


For Salon Populaire’s second year, we have chosen Labor and Transcendence as topics to constitute the frame for our investigations. In our neoliberal-capitalist system, economy is the layout for the production, treatment and exploitation of subjectivity. Labor provides us with an identity, a role and a place in society as entrepreneurs of the self. At […]

Screening: Drama Queens

A play by Elmgreen & Dragset; with Text by Tim Etchells Drama Queens is a play without actors. Seven 20th century superstar sculptures find themselves trapped on a theatre stage and out of their usual context. How do they interact with this new environment and with each other? The drama unfolds through a series of […]


In its first year, Salon Populaire followed two thematic threads, which evolved from the composition of the project itself. On the one hand, we were interested in current conceptions and the handling of space, which have given important impulses to the content and the formal direction of the salon. Out of this, we developed preliminary […]


A series of Mises-en-Scènes by Florian Wüst In a series of monthly evenings, Florian Wüst seeks to contextualize Salon Populaire spatially: by showing and commenting on selected film references and excerpts, he reflects on the history and the present of West Berlin – as the ’storefront of the free West‘, as a site for the […]


The series “Exhibition and the Act of Exhibiting“ approaches the contemporary art world’s ongoing debate on the role of the Curator. The series does not focus solely on the curator and his or her work, but attempts to present their role in light of its whole context and with regard to other actors in the […]


Salon Populaire partners with the Künstlerhaus Bethanien to showcase time-based works and special productions by the center’s artists in residence. Künstlerhaus Bethanien promotes contemporary art and is a center for 25 artists in residence. At the salon, they are invited to leave their studio practice and engage with an audience in an event open to […]

Mission Statement

SALON POPULAIRE is a meeting point in Berlin, inviting anyone interested in the arts and its reflection. It participates in Berlin’s cultural and political reality, addressing its local context as much as issues of universal concern with space for anachronistic, indulgent, academic, individual engagement. SALON POPULAIRE is a social space, which takes up on the […]

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