Praise of Laziness

A conversation with Mladen Stilinovic

„Laziness can mean courage – for those who are not afraid of being aware of the point or pointlessness of being and being in the world, in other words, laziness is courage for those who do not find salvation in work, those, that is, who do not seek in work the forgetting of being.“ (Miroslav Jilek, An essay on the causes and point of laziness, 1977 ) Mladen Stilinovic was to glorify laziness. In the writing In Praise of Laziness (1993), invoking Marcel Duchamp and Kazimir Malevich, he said: „It is not enough to know about laziness, it has to be practiced and made perfect. Artists in the West are not lazy and so they are no longer artists… There is no art without laziness.“ (Branka Stipancic)

Mladen Stilinovic is a Croatian artist living in Zagreb.

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