The Capitalist doesn’t Want to Know Anything about Things to do with Love

A dialogue between Sonia Arribas and Howard Rouse. Organized in Cooperation with Subjektile (Felix Ensslin, Marcus Coelen); Published by Diaphanes.

Gesturing towards the insuperability of Marx, Lacan famously defined his objet a as homologous to the object of labour in capitalism. But what capitalism carries out on this object – through the implacable force of the fetish, of course – is the dilution of a permanent disavowal. A limitless love, by contrast, requires nothing less, Lacan tells us, than the renunciation of its object. From which one can deduce a certain discrepancy between capitalism and love. A discrepancy that opens up room for a discussion, not only of Marxism and psychoanalysis, but also of the conditions of art, literature and life. A discussion to which all are invited to contribute.

Howard Rouse/ Sonia Arribas
Egocracy. Marx, Freud and Lacan
Zürich: diaphanes, 2011
288 pp.
1. Auflage
ISBN 978-3-03734-068-4
Subjektile Series editors: Felix Ensslin and Marcus Coelen

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