Concretize ideas and proposals for future action and negotiation

General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167c, 10435 Berlin

‘Based in Berlin’ will pass, Berlin state elections in September will pass, but the cultural policy debate on the conditions of production and presentation will stay. Advancing this debate on the part of free cultural producers requires not only a discussion about what constitutes ‘Kunststadt Berlin’ and what is lacking, but first and foremost the consideration and realization of one’s own possibilities of action: from the formulation of political claims and the dialog with the Senate Department for Culture, to artistic action and the development of economic models alternative to government funding.

Last Wednesday’s event at Salon Populaire established an open exchange on the cultural and urban policy concerns of practitioners from art and architecture. The fourth To Have and To Need soiree, on June 20th at General Public, aims at resuming the discussion in that shape as well as grounding the ideas and proposals for future action and negotiation in concrete plans.

Participants among others: Ellen Blumenstein, Daniela Brahm, Dellbrügge & de Moll, Ulrike Gerhardt, Cristina Gomez Barrio, Raphaël Grisey, Kerstin Karge, Heiko Karn, Bernhard Kotowski, Heimo Lattner, Cornelia Lund, Annette Maechtel, Katrin Mayer, Elke Marhöfer, Wolfgang Meyer, Herbert Mondry, Johannes Paul Raether, Judith Raum, Jan Rohlf, Ines Schaber, Les Schließer, Isabel Schmiga, Frieder Schnock, Heidi Sill, Ute Weiss Leder, Florian Wüst, Inga Zimprich.


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