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Perform a Lecture! magazine. Publication reflecting on the eponymous series by THE OFFICE. Also: Eleonore de Montesquiou: Na Grane; Filipa César: Montrage; Paul Vanouse: Fingerprints; Pablo Pijnapple: A Vision in Time.

Focussing on books by contemporary artists and readers on socio-cultural phenomena, argobooks is presenting recent publications:

PERFORM A LECTURE! magazine edited by Ellen Blumenstein and Fiona Geuß, publication reflecting on the series by THE OFFICE; design by jungundwenig

ELEONORE DE MONTESQUIOU: NA GRANE including interviews and conversations with inhabitants of Ivanogrod and Narva at both sides of the EU border; design by Aadam Kaarma

FILIPA CÉSAR: MONTRAGE, an exhibition in book format on remembrance, politics and language, edited by Doreen Mende, texts by Galit Eilat, Colin MacCabe, Eglantina Monteiro, Helena Vilalta, and a conversation between Filipa César and Doreen Mende; design by Manuel Raeder

OLAF NICOLAI: WHY WOMEN LIKE TO BUY TEXTILES THAT FEEL NICE, the english edition of THE OFFICE publication offering a reference system on the development of consumer desires and sociological opinion research, design by Helmut Völter

PAUL VANOUSE: FINGERPRINTS on codes and images of contemporary molecular biology, edited by Jens Hauser, with texts by Simon A. Cole, Jens Hauser, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and Paul Vanouse; design by Delia Keller

PABLO PIJNAPPLE: A VISION IN TIME, gives an insight on the artist’s ideas on film and photography, with texts by Xander Karskens, the artist and a conversation with Marc Glöde

OTHER POSSIBLE WORLDS – PROPOSALS ON THIS SIDE OF UTOPIA dealing with cultural differences, economic and ecological changes, processes of leveling and confusing complexities form the basis for a common space, contributions by Dorothee Albrecht, Maria Thereza Alves, Cedric Bromfort, Berit Fischer, Chto delat?, Oda Projesi, Public School, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Xu Tan, Moira Zoitl a.o.

RENATA LUCAS, featuring the political-spatial work at Kunstwerke by the winner of Schering prize 2010, with texts by Jens Hoffmann, Charlotte Klonk and an interview with the artist by Susanne Pfeffer; design by Manuel Raeder

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