Singular (Dream-)Experiences. On the Borders and Limits of Communication.

Book launch and a conversation between Barbara Breitenfellner, Inke Arns and Ute Vorkoeper (in German).Barbara Breitenfellner’s artistic practice bears witness to the fact that we live in a culture of ubiquitous imagery. The artist’s uncanny installations and collages derive from the observation that “(singular) images give rise to reality – a reality full of holes, corners and recesses” (Jens Emil Sennewald). Over the past few years Breitenfellner has been collecting a series of dreams on art, making art, being an artist and exhibiting, which she put down in writing. For her first solo exhibition in a public gallery in Germany, entitled “Dream of an Exhibition” (, until June 5, 2011), she selected two dreams, which were implemented as large-scale installations. In the first of the two dreams, ‘1 museum floor covered with 1 zigzag carpet (and) a fat sports car’ are said to play an important role, while the second dream is recorded as follows: ‘For days on end, Beuys made a performance in 1 space. Someone else (?) climbed on 1 lying gorilla with 1 fur on a platform – a rack that was moving upwards. In the end Beuys jumped from the rack like a winner in a circus.’ But what happens when dream memories and protocols become a reality in three-dimensional space? Where is a translation possible, where will it necessarily fail? The discussion will deal with the borders and limits of communication. A slideshow of the exhibition at HMKV and a screening of Kathrin Resetarits’s short film Ägypten (1996, 10 min.) will frame the conversation.

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