Having fun

With Annika Larsson

Annika Larsson shows a selection of amateur films from her archive, while playing on her KORG MS 20 analogue synthesizer, creating noise and moments of silence.

„When the senses demand pleasure, they look for objects of visual beauty, harmonious sounds, fragrant perfumes, and things that are pleasant to the taste or soft to the touch. But when their motive is curiosity, they may look for just the reverse of these things, simply to put to the proof, not for the sake of an unpleasant experience, but from a relish for investigation and discovery. What pleasure can there be in the sight of a mangled corpse, which can only horrify? Yet people will flock to see one lying on the ground, simply for the sensation of sorrow and horror that it gives them. They are even afraid that it would bring them nightmares, as though it was something that they had been forced to look at while they were awake or something to which they had been attracted by rumors of its beauty.“ St. Augustine – Confessions


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