Love ∞ Space

An evening brought to you by Ana Teixeira Pinto; followed by Dinner, Drinks and DJ Julieta Aranda!With:

Armen Avanessian · How can one get sexually excited by Räumlichkleit?

Julieta Aranda · Lullian Circles and Memory Palaces.

Franz von Stauffenberg · Put your finger here!

Ana Teixeira Pinto · Alice Descending the Staircase: On Marcel Duchamp and Sex on the Fourth Dimension.

Jennifer Allen · I love you, I love you, I love you. 3D on the Screen.

Vincenzo Latronico · The philosophical conceptualization of space retold as a love story in 15 minutes

Annika Larsson accompanied by Martina Hoogland Ivanow on vibraphonette · „Ecstasy Above a Void“ 

Gernot Wieland · Depression in Animals, vol. 2

Jan Peter Hammer · Past Perfect Simple

April Lamm · Love’s Labor Lost: What would happen if Europeans were never to return home from summer holidays at the beach? Results of Intensive Research Requiring Watching a lot of “Summer in French Countryside” Films

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