Redefining Power

Perspectives on power through feminist thought. Organized by Amber Hickey and Lindsey Sharman, ZhdK, Zürich.

What is power today? 

Power is…
“Controlling access” / “Being able to define something” / “The sex difference” / “A social resource” / “Transcendence over immanence” / “A relation, not a thing” / “A potentiality, not an actuality” / “Power over others” / “Power over oneself” /”To be able to” /….

Acknowledging the backdrop of The Arab Spring, The Occupy Movement, a renewed interest in feminism, and increasing fluidity of gender definition, this event will aim to find an array of contemporary definitions of power in collaboration with all participants and attendees.

Organized by Amber Hickey and Lindsey Sharman

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