Michael Müller: Weltempfänger Ich-Oper

With Kate Strong (Voice) and Thom Willems (Music and Voice Processing)

For his first solo show at Galerie Thomas Schulte, Michael Müller has created six new works focusing on the systematic and structural phenomena in language and how irregularities, contradictions and fissures are revealed as these are fundamentally inherent to every system.

The sound installation to be broadcast at Salon Populaire, „Weltempfänger: Ich-Oper“ is a collaboration between the artist, responsible for concept and text, and composer Thom Willems (music and voice processing). This opera in eleven chapters and performed by Kate Strong, reflects Michael Müller’s concern with the dissolution of identity and allows him to explore the identity-forming function of language.

I: post scriptum
I am I
see the world and receive the world
or see or perceive
or and I see the world and receive the world
Post scriptum
I and I
Welt sehen und Welt empfangen
I will repeat this for our international audience

Weltempfänger: Ich-Oper, Chapter 11, last page libretto
Amsterdam/Berlin, 2011

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