Frankenstein, Mensch Maschine

A side story with Jung + Wenig and Doreet Harten.

Mary Shelley was not yet twenty when she created Frankenstein. Her 1816 tale of mythical dimensions manages to hold us in fascination until today. The basic story of a scientist who seeks to create a man but instead makes a monster contains so many threads and narratives that this short story becomes a concise encyclopedia of what it is that makes us human. It is a horror story with gothic plot, a science fiction and a feminine critique. It is also a text about orientalism and colonial patterns of behavior, and it is also a very funny story. Jung und Wenig took it as an inspiration, an avalanche of images, associations and occult gestures. Doreet Harten dwells in the world of Shelley, and Jung und Wenig try to put order in the myriads of discourses the text and images offer us.

Neuauflage des Grusel-Klassikers, gestaltet vom Berliner Grafikdesign-Duo Jung und Wenig

Ungekürzte englische Originalfassung, dt. Übersetzung von Heinz Widtmann mit 37 farbigen und 58 schwarz-weißen Abbildungen im Offsetdruck Broschur, 292 Seiten, dt./ engl., 28,5×21 cm, Auflage 750. Erschienen 02/2011. ISBN 978-3-941601-43-7

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