If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t

The Public School will complete its seminar, „There is nothing less passive than the act of fleeing“ with an evening conversation to be held in collaboration with THE OFFICE at Salon Populaire.

There will be no prepared remarks, no program, no introduction or concluding statement. But there will be questions: questions generated from the seminar discussions, questions about the project as a whole, questions that you bring, or questions you have when you arrive (from „Can we really escape?“ to „Who cares?“ and beyond). The evening’s conversation will simply be our collective attempt to answer, contest, explain, and expand these questions.

We invite you to send questions in advance to this email address thereisnothinglesspassive@gmail.com or bring some with you.

Please join us for what we hope will be a cathartic conclusion to this project by The Public School.

Also, there will be some food and plenty of drinks!

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