Alicia Frankovich

Undisciplined bodies – an evening dissolving social and spatial conventions.

Alicia Frankovich presents an evening with two live performance acts, two video pieces and a sculptural activation. Interested in a multiplicity of movements and the bodies that they belong to, subjects are tested and presented at Salon Populaire in a live art experience. Here the operations, limits and intimacies of our own behaviors and the histories that embody them are explored, as well as gazed at, with a light-hearted touch.

There will be a ballerina, musicians, a jumping shin pad, a red drink, as well as videos: in one a male subject is explicitly directed by the artist in a quasi-reenactment of a scene from Jean Genet’s Un Chant d’Amour, and in the other a post-Duchampian art object is set in motion by the artist in tandem with a gallerist.

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