Ein Gastmahl. Dinner, Drinks and Discussions on a Special Topic.
Access to this event is open, but limited. Please rsvp to

Salon Populaire invites you to participate in an evening dedicated to liability. Taking up on the ancient Greek tradition of coming together to eat and drink while at the same time discussing philosophical questions, we are continuing our series of joint dinner-conversations at the Salon. In cooperation with Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga / Program, we chose liability as our fifth topic.

Referring to both the handling of rules and the relation to the public (law) or the private (behavior, ethics, morality), liability is characterized by ambiguity – an unavoidable responsibility related to the duty of care. Being a bourgeois value, it is essential for friendship but can be disastrous in blind trust, as in the cases of fanaticism and fascism.

Starting from both philosophical texts and personal experiences, stories and thoughts, we have invited a number of guests to contribute to the diversity of the evening. Each guest will bring one story, thought or text, which they relate to the miracle/wonder and use that as a starting point for an exchange of ideas and positions around and across the table.

Access to this event is open, but space is limited. Please rsvp to

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