Carry On

A conversation between Antje Majewski, Mathilde ter Heijne and Ludwig Seyfarth about marches, processions, objects in rituals and some 70s feminist issues.

Starting from their present exhibition at gallery Olaf Stüber in Berlin, Antje Majewski and Mathilde ter Heijne talk with Ludwig Seyfarth about the different use and impact of rituals, marches and processions in visuals arts.

In Antje Majewski’s video “Procession”, teenagers carry fragile handmade paper works, offerings that where put in the water of the Spree. A group of Turkish women from a self initiated handcraft market carry a 30 meter long handmade art piece, produced together with Mathilde ter Heijne for ‚Olacak!’, a project to stress the significance of these kind of alternative economic networks.

The conversation will depart from these objects that were not meant to be sculptures but were produced to become the center of projects developed to explore the strength of collective action, the use of alternative economic strategies and the creation of meaning in female networks.

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