Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt. Goldrausch as a system.

With Birgit Effinger and Hannah Kruse (programme managers), Kerstin Drechsel and Kerstin Gottschalk (artists)

Is there a ’system‘ or ‚mode of production‘ specific for Goldrausch? 15 female artists co-operate for one year in the Goldrausch program: debates, studio visits, catalogue production and exhibition planning determine the course of events. Its aims are professional development and creating networks.

How do artists experience the program, and what changes as a result? Are elements of the program transferable to other artists-networks? Goldrausch is based on the core principle of interest-led self-organization. This concept is put into practice at the event in Salon Populaire. A repository of topics, spanning from terms like artists‘ statement, work environment, presence of women, communication strategies, exchange and support, to testing ground, competition, apparatus and beyond forms the basis of the agenda. There is no predetermined format or sequence. All guests are invited to choose a topic or question important to them, and to discuss it with those present. The evening will shape itself around the interests of all its participants.

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