Achim Lengerer: Scriptings #19

Batsong, rehearsals for an Audioplay 

by Adrian Williams and Theodor Köhler.

You are cordially invited to a two-evening presentation of Achim Lengerer’s Scriptings series in Berlin, launching new issues the April 19th at L40 and April 20th at Salon Populaire.

The traveling showroom and instant publishing magazine Scriptings invites artists, writers, graphic designers, performers and publishers who work with varying formats of „script“ and „text“ within their processes of production. The publication consists of live events (talk, discussion, reading, display, performance) as well as the magazine Scriptings. Scriptings is edited by the artist Achim Lengerer.

Theodor Köhler and Adrian Williams will perform two scenes from the edited excerpts of Batsong, rehearsals for an Audioplay, a work first developed and performed at the APF LAB in New York for eleven consecutive days in 2009. The play was originally performed with a four-member cast and will be shown in an abbreviated format for the performance at Salon Populaire.

L’Auditeur/the auditor / by Kerstin Meyer.

– Mr. President, how foolish, the tents were in shreds!

– No, Sir. They are computer operated and automatically collapse with time.

Achim and I had invited Mohamadou Diol and Seydou Ndiaye, both theater directors working with the method of Augusto Boal in Dakar, Senegal, to participate with us at the World Social Forum 2011 in Dakar. The World Social Forum is a platform for social activists against global capitalism that takes place on a bi-annual basis in a city of the global South. We disposed of a clear arrangement with which to reflect the complex situation of the Forum: each day, Diol and Ndiaye would be listening in to the talks as they happened, taking constant notes and immediately turning them into radio plays in our mobile sound studios. The studio booth consisted of two blue foam mats, which could be transported and set up easily on the extensive Dakar University campus.

*Images by Michael Pfrommer.

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