Seams and Notches

a Walk in Tiergarten-Süd and Schöneberg on the occasion of the exhibition of Flo Gaertner, Heiko Karn, Katrin Mayer, Eske Schlüters at RECEPTION.

Meeting point: 6 PM at the entrance of Gleisdreieck station, Schöneberger Strasse / curve of Luckenwalder Strasse

with: Heiko Karn, Katrin Mayer, Christine Heidemann

stops: Gleisdreieck, RECEPTION (Kurfürstenstrasse), Bülowstrasse, SALON POPULAIRE…

Kurfürstenstrasse 5a, Berlin – this address on a street running along the border between the districts of Tiergarten and Schöneberg provides both the starting point and the exhibition venue for the most recent work of the artists Flo Gaertner, Heiko Karn, Katrin Mayer and Eske Schlüters at RECEPTION.

In preparation for the exhibition, the artists explored the area’s identity of the area. They based their works on observations of the neighborhood as it is now in conjunction with research into its history and the recent developments in city planning and socio-economic structures, at the same time reflecting on the role of the gallery as an institution.

We would like to start our walk at the Gleisdreieck, which is just beginning its transformation from a wasteland into a tidy park. After visiting the exhibition, we will continue through Nelly Sachs Park and Bülowstraße – stopping by at various places of interest, amongst them where a manifold nightlife has taken place since the beginning of the 20th century. Finally we will arrive at SALON POPULAIRE for drinks and conversations.

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