The Bucolic Genre today: Between a Subtrend of Organic Lifestyle and Provincial Art. (C as host)

An evening organized by Kaspars Vanags, Juste Kostikovaite and KIM? Contemporary Art Centre Riga.

The long-lived pastoral tradition of focusing on rustic subjects and on the romanticized country life of shepherds and shepherdesses is experiencing a remarkable comeback in contemporary art. This surprising revival is caused by the conservationist movement and awareness to climate change, as well as by the now-mainstream consumer fascination with organic food and healthy lifestyle. On another level, the bucolic genre is a perfect niche for art produced in the peripheries. By adopting „local food“ marketing strategies to sell the regional, „provincial art“ might have a chance to be noticed and taken seriously.

This week at Salon Populaire, a pastoral event, with a midsummer night’s aftertaste, will focus on the bucolic tendencies in art from the Baltics and will be followed by organic peculiarities of regional gastronomy.



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