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The Bet

an evening of talks and performances for the contemporary attention span. Presented by Ana Teixeira Pinto, in association with KW and Foreign Affairs‘ collaboration on the subject of the Bet. Kunst-Werke Chora (3rd floor, main building), 3 Euros.

Call for Presentations: What is power today?

What is power today? Acknowledging the backdrop of The Arab Spring, The Occupy Movement, a renewed interest in feminism, and increasing fluidity of gender definition, this event will aim to find an array of contemporary definitions of power in collaboration with all participants and attendees. Furthermore, this event will question how women’s and men’s relationships […]

A museum of cruelty

Das Museum der Grausamkeit. Ein Ausstellungsmanifest   1. Ausstellungen sollten Medien kultureller Selbstverständigung sein.   Exhibitions should be the medium of cultural self-understanding.   2. Die Institution muss die Auseinandersetzung mit den Gesetzen und Zwängen des Museums selbst führen und darf diese nicht allein der Kunst oder dem Künstler überlassen.   The institution has to […]

“Whose English?” – frieze d/e Issue 4: Launch and Roundtable

Dear Friends, Our upcoming fourth issue marks the first full year of our dual-language quarterly. To celebrate the release of our spring issue, we’re hosting a launch event at the Salon Populaire at 7pm on March 10. In keeping with the magazine’s bilingual nature, we’ll be asking questions about the nature of ‘Globish’, or global […]

To Have and To Need at the NGBK

Guests: Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson (Rotterdam/Berlin) Claudia Firth (London) Language: English/German Venue: NGBK event space, 1st floor Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst e.V. Oranienstraße 25, D-10999 Berlin Tel.: 49 (0)30 616 513-0 Email: HYPERLINK „“ Internet: HYPERLINK „“ Since the end of 2010, an informal circle of Berlin-based persons involved in art has been […]

On the Psychotheology of Everyday Life

Conversations with Eric Santner An evening organized by Felix Ensslin / subjektile; a series published by diaphanes Eric L. Santner (professor in Modern Germanic Studies and Jewish Studies at the University of Chicago) in conversation with Luisa Banki (translator of „On the Psychotheology of Everday Life“ and of the Subjektile publication „Why Psychoanalysis?“ by A. […]

My Place

With the last event of the series, Film City Berlin reaches the recent past: the coming of age of the re-united city, symbolized by retro-style representational architecture and private town houses filling up the empty lots. The evening reflects on Berlin’s social transformations, the processes of commercialisation and the alleged rise of the so called […]