Call for Presentations: What is power today?

What is power today?

Acknowledging the backdrop of The Arab Spring, The Occupy Movement, a renewed interest in feminism, and increasing fluidity of gender definition, this event will aim to find an array of contemporary definitions of power in collaboration with all participants and attendees. Furthermore, this event will question how women’s and men’s relationships to power are changing, particularly in relation to recent events.
Current power struggles are reaching beyond a fight for empowerment, and towards a destabilization of power in its traditional form. The prevalence of collective action today supports definitions of power proposed by feminist theorists, including Hannah Arendt, Jean Baker Miller, Sarah Lucia Hoagland, and Judith Butler, all of whom have encouraged the ideas of “collective power,” “power with, rather than power over,” and “power to be able to.” This area of discourse is itself wracked with differences in opinion on the subject of power. However, such definitions are gaining more traction as power is becoming something held by groups of people in action, rather than by individuals. These observations still remain up for debate; the only certainty is that power is transforming, not only through discourse but through action.
During this event we will aim to pinpoint these changes and find new definitions of power in the world today. This event will aim to give space for and illuminate diverse definitions of power. Focus will be offered to both personal and theoretical definitions of power, without ignoring their merging points.  Discussion on how these formulations of power are transforming us as societies and people will be encouraged.
An open call is being staged to support the presence of diverse opinions.
The evening will be composed of short (5-10min.) presentations on definitions of power. The definitions will be united using mind-mapping techniques and through the production of a small booklet.
If you are interested in presenting, please send:
– A short abstract on the topic, What is power today? (no more than 250 words)
– Name, profession, email address, and phone number.
** No formal qualifications are necessary to submit an abstract. We believe that insightful discourse can occur with self-education, as well as formal education.
– Selected speakers will give a presentation of 5-10 minutes during the event, What is Power Today?, at Salon Populaire.
– Presentations can be theoretical; they can be performative; they can be personal;
they can be poetic, they can be anarchic.
– Selections will be made to ensure a wide variety of definitions and opinions on the
-Submissions which are not accepted for the event may still be used in the production of a small booklet on the topic.
What is power today? will take place at:
Salon Populaire
Bülowstrasse, 90 / 10783 Berlin
8PM, March 28, 2012
Any questions should be directed to:
Abstracts should be submitted by March 15th to:
Please pass on to others who may be interested!

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